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Welding Goggles & Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment for welding goggles are designed to provide protection for most types of welding applications. Superching offer the highest quality welding goggles to protect your eyes from the heat, flying debris, intense ultraviolet, and infrared light.

Superching is a professional personal protective equipment manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan. We provide a series of welding goggles and general goggles. Superching is not only offering welding goggles, but also provides customized or personal protective eqiupments for client's.

The protective goggles most features include:

  • Tough polycarbonate lens or polycarbonate green lens shade.
  • Direct or indirect ventilation.
  • Flexible, soft, and lightweight vinyl frame.

We keep on consistent performance, cost reduction and quality perfection to meet the highest standard of customers' satisfactions. If you are interested in our protective goggles and welding goggles, please feel free to contact us. We will be offering further information for your reference.